jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2008

Mujer Policia de Jordania en Mision con la ONU

UNMIK Police

UNMIK Police, together with the Kosovo Police Service (KPS), has successfully investigated 182,983 cases, established 33 police stations and 13 border/boundry control points, policing Kosovo for over eight years through a range of activities from beat patrols and traffic checks to sophisticated investigations into serious crimes. During this time, in cooperation with OSCE, 8,270 KPS officers have been recruited, trained and deployed through the chain of command from the police stations up to the Main Headquarters level and into various specialised police departments (as of November 2007).
• UNMIK Police Commissioner: Richard Monk from the United Kingdom.

• From a peak of more than 3,300 police officers from more than 50 countries in the year 2001, UNMIK Police today (01 February 2008) has a greatly reduced presence of 1499 police officers from 31 countries.

• 499 Formed Police Units (FPU) from Pakistan, Romania, Poland, Ukraine (as of 01 February 2008).

• Specialized agencies, including Financial Investigation Unit (Guardia di Finanza), investigate misuse of public money and financial crime.

• Financial Information Centre (FIC) monitors financial transactions by banks, financial institutions and other entities as a check against money laundering operations.

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