lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008

Oportunidad de negocios

Emergency Road Repair Project opera en Albania.

The Emergency Road Repair Project is an emergency operation aimed at restoring the serviceability of the main route connecting the Adriatic Sea (Port of Durres) to Kosovo, and of the Berat-Corovode national road. The main component consists of emergency repairs including patching of potholes, improving drainage, replacing asphalt, strengthening shoulders, leveling of the wearing course, leveling with crushed material, repairing selected concrete works for overpasses, waterproofing of structures, application of Macadam, construction of earthworks and repairing landslide damage. The Institutional Support (goods) component will provide laboratory equipment needed for improved quality control, office and environmental mitigation equipment, software, and vehicles for the project implementation unit. The Institutional Support (consultant services) will cover the various consultants needed for the project

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